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A Russian national has been arrested in Greece suspected of being member of a gang that has allegedly laundered billions of dollars using Bitcoin.

BTC-e Chief Alexander Vinnik Arrested, Hacked Mt. Gox of

Alexander Vinnik, of Russia, was accused of being the mastermind behind a black market Bitcoin exchange,. 37, was arrested in Greece on Tuesday. Mr.By Angeliki Koutantou ATHENS (Reuters) - A Russian national suspected of masterminding a money-laundering operation using bitcoin was transferred to prison in Greece.

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A Russian arrested in Greece on suspicion of running a money laundering operation through a bitcoin platform is 38 year old Alexander Vinnik, police sources said on.

The site remains unavailable, although the service page is currently displayed along with the latest tweets of the stock exchange.Russian operator of long-standing bitcoin exchange BTC-e indicted for laundering money including high-profile hack of funds from. has been arrested in Greece.Gox Bitcoin hack Feds say a Russian man laundered criminal proceeds through the BTC-e exchange.

Russian Suspected of Running $4 Billion Bitcoin Laundering

The value of the shadowy digital currency known as bitcoin has. village in northern Greece less. arrested amid worldwide cyberhavoc.Alexander Vinnik, 38, has been arrested in Greece on a U.S. warrant. Follow the Bitcoin top Feeds articles on the Web, submit free your BTC News Feed.

Despite the fact that BTC-e has already gone offline in the past, this trip caused a special concern over night reports that coins connected to BTC-e purses disappeared.

Greek Police arrested a Russian man and accused him of running the BTC-e Bitcoin exchange to. embassy in Greece has confirmed the arrest of the crook and.He was arrested in northern Greece on July 25 on the basis of a U.S. warrant for his arrest and.

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Against the backdrop of a black market btc users are inclined to link two stories, suggesting that one of the operators of the bitcoin of the BTC-e exchange, long known for its mysterious operations and information closures, was arrested.Tags Alexander Vinnik Bitcoin fraud Europe Greece Thessaloniki.

Then all the crypto coins that have been mined are completely clean.Vinnik, according to available information, was detained for money laundering, criminal conspiracy and dealings with cash received illegally.Alexander Vinnik was arrested in a small beachside village in northern Greece. an exchange used to trade the digital currency bitcoin since 2011.

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Police sources identified him as Alexander Vinnik, 38, who was arrested after a tip-off in a small beachside village in northern Greece on a U.S. warrant.Alexander Vinnik, a Russian national arrested in Greece after he was indicted by a US jury for alleged Bitcoin laundering, did not realize that his skills could make.

‘US wanted him for his intellect’ – wife of Russian

Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and.

The bitcoin exchange went offline on July 25 after the arrest of Alexander Vinnik by local police in Greece.Bitcoin The Greek Debt Crisis And Bitcoin. By. Silk Road 2.0. was shut down after another person was arrested,...

Police said 38-year-old Alexander Vinnik was held on a US warrant near the northern city of Thessaloniki.

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Russian National Arrested in Greece with Ties to Money

Alexander Vinnik was arrested in a small beachside village in northern Greece. an exchange used to trade the digital currency bitcoin.A 38-year-old Russian man has been arrested in Northern Greece for his suspected role in the operation of the shadowy bitcoin exchange BTC-e.Unlike traditional currencies such as the US dollar, Bitcoin has no central bank and is not backed by any government.