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Have you managed to get Scripta to control the Gridseed in Dual mining mode, or just Scrypt.I have the same sandisk 8gb c10 cards that have been shown in the videos.

I know enough about linux to be dangerous without clear instructions.

Any help would be greatly appricated and once i get this working i will throw some btc your way.

Try step 12, that will start cgminer background, you will still need to type cgm to access the cgminer but it is automatically running cgminer in the background.

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How to Make Stackable Tower Gridseed Rig with. a mining software or do.I also recommend as you get more comfortable looking at different miners.The 1-and-5 chip ASIC designs from GridSeed have been on the market for a couple of months now.Ive got a gpu rig already but was considering some gridseeds, will look into more for sure just because of the power saving.

I didnt change any of the setting and basically mined for someone for a few minutes to make sure my it worked and it did.This is a ASIC scrypt miner that is made to specifically. worldcoin, digitalcoin, novacoin, etc.If you want use multipools with your RPi image you will have to edit the config file.The RPi developers talk about how their SD card (though class 4) is a cut above many SD cards which are designed for use in cameras, and they claim it out performs many class 4, 6 and even some class 10 cards.

Put the new SD card with HighOnCoins Gridseed image into your Raspberry Pi and turn it on by connecting a micro-USB cable to it.


So i hope i am able to help anyone else that may have had these issues.Have you found the smaller CCTV model you are using to be ok in the long run.

I already have two of these, as much as possible I dont wanna buy the CCTV adaptor, just the splitter.Why not start with one seed and add after you get one running the rig will see each added seed as you plug them in.

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MINING SOFTWARE. I was lucky enough to get one of the first Scrypt ASICs produced by Chinese GridSeed.I setup mine up a little different. i bought a walmart shoe rack and put the fan underneath them blowing up through the fins, however i found that the top 3 gridseeds in each stack were getting a little warmer than i wanted so i bought an extra fan to blow across the top 6. mine are running 29 degrees Celsius.Do I just need to upgrade to 16GB, or should I get a different 8GB card.

For some reason, the burned img will not run on any of my pies.I have 4 rigs running, 2 comps and 2 pis, I decided for simplicity i invested in a kvm switch, which is great because i can use it with one mouse, one keyboard and one monitor to control all 4 rigs. so with this kvm switch it needs a vga input.I have 11 running right now and also have a Gridseed blade coming next week.Please add a video or tutorial on using cgminer API (api-listen api-allow).You will be able to quickly setup a new Gridseed rig in matter of minutes with this image.Hey randy, I just bought a book called learning python programming with raspberry pi, I was skimming through the first couple of pages talking about the setup.If you look up a Pi view adapter on microcenter or ebay it should come up it is an hdmi to vga adapter they go for around 30.00 or much more by other manufactures. reviews have shown that the pi view will work with other applications as well. so with my pi views and the kvm switch i have eliminated the no display issue.

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Gridseed Miner, Wholesale Various High Quality Gridseed Miner Products from Global Gridseed Miner Suppliers and Gridseed Miner Factory,Importer,Exporter at sd card that came with my pi was auctually a micro sd in an adapter, the auctual card should have the number. if it is a class 10 8gb try formatting it with sd formatter 4 and see if it will open up the space, if not the sandisks are deffinantly worth 15 bucks.

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The point behind building the towers is efficiency and noise. when you get 4 or more they start getting loud, luckly mine are in the basement so i do not have to listen to them.Pick your mining software from the Miners page on the left of the Sidebar. GRIDSEED ASIC dedicated server.A watt meter can be your best friend as far as becoming efficient.

To modify the settings type q on the mining screen and then at the prompt.You will need to put a tiny strip of electrical tape around the red wire so it does not short out.Also less setup time required for the blades vs. regular gridseeds I have to do fan-removal work.