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REcoin is a new cryptocurrency alternative designed to accommodate a wide range of financial transactions and. setup ICO initiatives and raise funds in.Ignis will be the first child chain launched on the Ardor network.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects.

How to Avoid Being Scammed by a Cryptocurrency ICO. This new digital craze will need to be regulated somehow,.A safe, decentralized and anonymous messaging protocol built upon a new blockchain to be developed.

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A decentralized betting token that rewards players, game creators and the community.A decentralized reputation system with a built in payment processing network that gives users 0.2% rewards in the form of the MTH token for every purchase made.A user-friendly currency transfer app, similar to Venmo, that rewards users for converting fiat to cryptocurrency.

Players can create, train and equip their gladiator for battle, gaining fame and profit along the way.A platform that utilizes Blockchain technology and is equipped with tools devised for disabled users, instruments for organizational marketing, and its own Marketplace Union-Market.

An Ethereum-based platform for creating and managing loyalty rewards programs.U.CASH enables conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies through retail locations.Blockchain-based banking project with a declared mission to make core banking services free, while delivering a full suite of low-priced financial services, including access to cryptocurrencies.

InsureX is an alternative marketplace for insurance based on blockchain technology.An Ethereum dapp for managing and transferring medical information.

The CHEX platform if focused on employing blockchain technology to the cannabis and hemp markets to efficiently distribute cannabis commodity and finished product inventory.Global Airbnb-like marketplace on cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

A crypto fund using complex trading methods applied to the cryptocurrency market.A crowdfunding platform that aims to provide technical, marketing, and eventually legal support for token sales.Streamr is a decentralized P2P network for real-time data transport and monetization, making data streams tradable by people and machines.Mashable has contacted Tezos for comment and will update the.A way for non-programmers to deploy smart contracts using a visual interface.BMCHAIN is a decentralized platform of experience monetization giving users the possibilities of sharing experience, resources and knowledge by writing posts and commenting on the posts of others.Cryptum tokens are funding a group of projects with the main goal being production of high-end board games with free access for token owners based on proof of ownership.

A P2P cryptocurrency-fiat exchanged platform built on Ethereum.Flicking between Facebook apps, twitter, bank account, BBC news and more.An Ethereum ERC20 token that aims to become a payment channel for vacation packages and gambling chips at major casinos.

A payment platform built on Ethereum Classic with a price controlled token and incentive based inflation rewards.Create, discover, share, and collaborate on math, nanoengineering, and other research.A global exchange for buying and selling a wide variety of services, beginning with a focus on the consulting and technology services market.A platform for asset management powered by arbitrage bots and sentiment analysis.Basic Attention Token will be the unit of exchange in a blockchain-based digital advertising platform built on top of the Brave Browser.A virtual reality streaming platform driven by an ERC20 token that utilizes attention markets to support growth in the VR industry.