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By suggesting that such a sequence is universal meaning that all societies use rites to demarcate transitions , van Gennep made an important claim one that not many anthropologists make, as they generally tend to demonstrate cultural diversity while shying away from universality. More conventionally, springs, caves, shores, rivers, volcanic calderas—'a huge crater of an extinct volcano They allow for the emergence of "self-proclaimed ceremony masters", that assume leadership positions and attempt to "[perpetuate] liminality and by emptying the liminal moment of real creativity, [turn] it into a scene of mimetic rivalry".

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Journal of Marketing Management. The idea of a 'container' or 'vessel' as a key player in the ritual process of psychotherapy has been noted by many and Carl Jung's objective was to provide a space he called "a temenos, a magic circle, a vessel, in which the transformation inherent in the patient's condition would be allowed to take place. The spatial dimension of liminality can include specific places, larger zones or areas, or entire countries and larger regions.

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Prolonged wars, enduring political instability, prolonged intellectual confusion; Incorporation and reproduction of liminality into "structures"; Modernity as "permanent liminality". Text and Performance Quarterly. Liminal existence can be located in a separated sacred space , which occupies a sacred time.